The company

We are a Piedmontese agricultural company, since 1997 we have been growing organic vegetables and fruit.

Our family has lived in Loreto, Fossano (CN) for many generations, and we have decided to continue cultivating the fields of our ancestors, but orienting production towards fruit and vegetables, rather than pig farming as it was in the past.

Today we take care of around fifteen hectares of land to offer our customers the best fresh and processed products, with particular attention to the environment in which we live.

In fact, we strictly follow the organic farming method, following the production techniques of agroecology, and we are certified by ICEA.



Through continuous comparison with other producers and research institutes, we continue to improve our knowledge and experiment with new, increasingly sustainable forms of cultivation.

For example, we follow a long period of crop rotation, we have a high biodiversity of both cultivated plants and natural elements of the ecosystem and we have greatly limited the use of technical means external to the company, such as fertilizers or natural treatments.

Hedges and groves are fundamental elements in our production approach, to host useful fauna and create a suitable microclimate, as are green manure meadows and grassy strips that attract pollinators.

We manage our forests with the awareness that they are a long-lasting but fragile asset, and we carefully select the trees, ensuring the replanting of those collected.

Over the years we have grown and today we share our work and everyday life with various people who carry out their work tasks with us with the same passion as us.


We like to talk about what we do and through our teaching activities we meet an international audience who comes to look around our little world every year.

In 2009 our catering service was added to the production activity to make the most of our work, together with the agritourism activity.