The lab

In the processing laboratory, the harvest from our fields is transformed into delicious fruit and vegetable preserves according to grandmother Rita's traditional recipes.

We make preserves and sauces, spreads and condiments, vegetables in oil, pickles and appetizers with vegetables, and jams and other preserves with fruit.

Our entire range of processed products is certified by Organic Agriculture, each preserve is processed manually and the ingredients are always raw materials, while we exclude the use of preservatives or sweeteners, thickeners or colorings.

The rigorous manufacturing process allows us to preserve our products for a long time, without using high temperature sterilization processes or chemical synthesis additives, but simply optimizing parameters such as acidity, sugar content and pasteurization temperatures. The product obtained is thus genuine and rich in nutritional elements, in full compliance with regulatory standards.

We also offer a third-party processing service to other companies who want to preserve their products.

For a few years we have been equipped for the processing of hazelnuts, with a small plant for shelling, roasting and packaging.